Visiting the Enchanted Village at Jordan’s Furniture in Avon

Although I didn’t grow up in Boston, I still have fond memories of the enchanted village at Jordan Marsh from when I first moved here.  The village made Boston feel a bit like New York, or London, with extravagant holiday displays.  So, when it first came down, I was sad that it was gone from the store, but happy that the City of Boston was still able to display it.  Then, in 2009, when Jordan’s Furniture bought it at auction, I knew it was going to a good home.

This year, we ventured to Avon, MA to check out the Enchanted Village.  It’s definitely a popular attraction – we arrived when the store opened at 11am, and still waited in line until 11:40am to get into the display.  It was not a bad wait though – it’s indoors and very well organized.

The display itself is just as magical as I remember, and at regular intervals, viewers are treated to a “snowfall” – something my kids just loved.  While you are there, you can also check out the Polar Express “MOM” and the Lite Laser Light show, and you can pick up another Jordan Marsh tradition – those delicious blueberry muffins!

Jordan’s Furniture
100 Stockwell Drive
Avon, MA 02322