Review: The Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science, located right in the city, offers something for kids of every age, and is definitely worth checking out.  If you are visiting, plan on spending at least a half day – longer if you plan to see any shows.

You can take the D branch of the green line to Science Park if you’d like to take public transportation, or there’s a parking garage available.  Be prepared though – it isn’t cheap.

There are three wings to the museum – the red wing, with most of the museum’s amenities (theater, planetarium, gift shop, restaurants), the green wing, with most of the biology and animal-type exhibits, and the blue wing (my personal favorite).

Before heading through the front entrance to the exhibit halls, you’ll need to purchase tickets.  At that time, decide whether or not you want to see any of the ticketed shows (such as those in the Planetarium or the Omnimax Imax Theater).  In addition, you can check out a show schedule for any of the free shows located throughout the exhibit halls.  If you think you’ll be visiting the museum more than once in a year, it may be advantageous for you to purchase a museum membership, which will also give you discounts on purchases and parking.

I always start out in the blue wing, because it’s the largest, and my favorite.  Can’t miss exhibits include the Theater of Electricity (hasn’t changed since the 80s but I still love it!), Cahner’s ComputerPlace, the Lighthouse, and the AutoKinetic Sculpture.  Depending on what your kids are currently learning in school, there are lots of other great exhibits they’ll enjoy also.

Food at the Museum of Science is catering by Wolfgang Puck and is much better than your average museum food.  The gift shop is also better than many museum shops.  It carries a wide variety of educational products at pretty reasonable prices.  We usually give the kids a small budget and let them choose their own souvenir.

The Museum of Science, Boston
1 Science Park
Boston, MA 02114