Free Admission for Kids in Costume to the New England Aquarium and Duck Tours

The New England Aquarium and Boston DUCK Tours based at the Aquarium are teaming up to offer children a fantastic Halloween treat. Kids 11 and younger in costume and accompanied by a paying adult will get free admission to two of Boston’s most popular tourist attractions on Halloween day, Sunday, October 31.

Children appropriately attired in their frighteningly best outfits can meet some of the Aquarium’s scariest animals, including venomous lionfish, spooky-looking green moray eels, a school of hungry piranha and a 16-foot anaconda that is squeezingly sweet. The Aquarium’s four-story Giant Ocean Tank will be decorated with jack-o’-lanterns sitting on the coral reefs, and the scuba divers will be in their Halloween best – as if they already didn’t look strange enough!

Kids eleven and younger in costume and their families can then board a DUCK based at the Aquarium to tour the Hub in one of the weirdest yet coolest vehicles ever made. DUCK drivers, or ConDUCKtors, are in costume and character every day! Free admission is only for Boston DUCK Tours that leave from the Aquarium and not from any other sites.
For kids who just can’t wear their costumes long enough or for parents who are concerned about darkness or possible bad weather, the Halloween celebration with the Aquarium and the Boston DUCK Tours is a fun and safe alternative.

The Aquarium is open Sunday, October 31 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Boston DUCK Tours will operate at the Aquarium from 12 noon to 5:30 p.m.

Free admission is for the Aquarium and the Boston DUCK Tours only and does not apply to the Simons IMAX Theatre or whale watch. Children in costume without a supervising adult will not be admitted.