Family Friendly Skiing Near Boston: Wachusett Mountain

Special thanks to Lauryn Blakesley for bringing us along on a recent end-of-season media preview hosted by Wachusetts Mountain. Countdown is already on for next season. Get your tickets here.

Take it away, Lauryn!

We became official New Englanders almost 2 years ago. And since the day we first rested our heads on our pillows in Massachusetts all three of the kids have been asking to go skiing. I have no idea where they got the idea that magically you appear in June in New England and there is snow to ski on.

Well, in a huge #parentfail last winter, we never made it to the slopes. But this year…this year we did and it was incredible. In fact, it was more than incredible. Let’s just say we got a gold medal in the “best mom and dad ever” event.

Wachusett Mountain – in March – was the perfect skiing experience for these kids. A little over an hour away from our home, just outside of Worcester, MA, we arrived at the mountain at 8:30 a.m. sharp. The weather was perfect that day – 45 degrees. I actually was shocked at how much snow was on the mountain. I thought for sure the slopes would be run down and possibly even icy but they were most definitely not!

The lifts open at 9 a.m. on the weekdays so we were there just in time to put our stuff down and get settled.

Now, not a single one of us owns skis so rentals were it. We headed down to the rental area, entered all of our information into the computer, printed off our slips and headed over to grab our skis and helmets. It was a process that took ~5 minutes/person. I can imagine it gets a little busy on the weekend, but for a Monday – it was an easy in and out! Love that you can buy online before you go and maybe avoid a line or two.

Ben and I decided that (read: hoped) skiing was like riding a bike and we opted out of lessons for the morning. But the kids – they got lessons. C (9) and G (7) were in a semi-private lesson and H (4) was in a private lesson and that was the best decision we could of made. An hour and a half after we dropped them off with their instructors, they were ready to go, skiing all on their own down the green trails with ease! Steve even taught them proper lift technique.

Now I don’t know if you remember lunch while skiing from your childhood, but I sure do and it was just as awesome. Cafeteria style, choose your own, millions of choices – and french fries…delicious french fries. The kids eyes were certainly bigger than their stomachs and their trays were filled when we checked out and headed up to our table to eat. They loved every second of that lunch but were more than ready to get back on the slopes!!
Note: there are also restaurants – the Black Diamond Restaurant and the Coppertop Lounge – at the lodge as well for a sit down style meal. Nice to have options!

We split up for the rest of the day. This mama is MORE than happy to stick to the green slopes. So, Ben took the two “olds” up (and down) every single green and blue trail. They even hit up the Bullock Lodge – this amazing lodge headed up by Red Apple Farm – in the middle of the Connifer Connection trail. As soon as you walk in, you are hit with the delicious smell of fresh baked goods, hot chocolate and apple cider. Amazing!

I stuck with my little guy going down the green slopes for the rest of the afternoon. It was a phenomenal afternoon. We went over and over again and by the end, he was asking me not to touch him on the way down. Skiing solo – he was SO proud.

We headed out after returning our skis and boots around 4:00. H fell asleep within seconds of coming off of the slopes. And the other two weren’t far behind in the car. Overall, an amazing day at Mount Wachusett, and the perfect place to ski for our family. We will most definitely be back!

A few of our favorite things….

  • The lifts!! They are quadruple wide – enough room for a whole family.
  • Magic carpet – this was a lifesaver for me and the little guy. Up and down, up and down. And there were two here.
  • Cafeteria style dining – I can imagine that even on a busy Saturday this moves super quick. And there were tons of selections from sandwiches to chicken fingers to salads.
  • The Bullock Lodge – Hot chocolate and fresh baked apple cider mid-ski run – need I say more?
  • Ski lessons – the instructors were amazing. The amount that the kids learned in just an hour and a half was mind blowing.