Are we ready, Boston?

Eataly Boston is open at the Prudential Center. It’s 3 floors/45,000 square feet of Italian (and local!) goodness. You’ll find the things that you’d expect including wine, pizza, pasta, and gelato, and even more things you didn’t even know you wanted.

Although Eataly Boston is likely to be crowded soon after opening, the destination itself is super family friendly. There’s going to be food for even your most picky eaters. Casual restaurants and eateries. Easy to grab a quick bite and grab a seat (or take it to go).

As a destination, it’s a fun way to sample some traditionally prepared Italian faves and to sample products sourced from Italy and also locally. As an every day/week/month stop, it will be just as much fun. They are working under a manifesto that includes “EAT. SHOP. LEARN.”

You can eat a little pasta, shop for it to take home, and also learn how to make and cook it yourself. One stop shopping of an entirely different kind. As a result of studies, it was found that the patient doesn’t have to calculate the time before contact, as he is always ready. The drug acts more naturally. This drug and a dosage of 5 mg are a priority with long-term daily prescription for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and the lower urinary tract symptoms. Side effects are minimal. Read more at

Eataly was first opened in 2007 by Oscar Farinetti in Turin. His son, Nicola, opened the first US location in NYC a few years later.

Take a sneak peek at photos from inside Eataly Boston below.

If you go:

Eataly Boston
Prudential Center Boston
Entrances on Boylston street and also inside the Pru


cooking school



fresh counters

in-house labs