Come explore the natural history behind some iconic Halloween animals like bats, spiders, owls, and wolves in this Halloween gallery exploration at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  Join museum volunteers in the galleries and look closely at wolf skulls and bat skeletons. Touch the fur of a wolf or an owl feather. Search for tarantula webs.

Look for other Halloween animals in the galleries.  Find live poison dart frogs in The Language of Color exhibition. Explore the hall of dinosaurs and ancient reptiles to find the skeleton of the Late Cretaceous flying Pteranodon, and see how its wings were different from those of bats you find in the Great Mammal Hall.

Spiders! opens October 29.  See the new exhibit Spiders! within Arthropods: Creatures that Rule, and learn about these amazingly versatile, and venomous, air-breathing creatures which live on every continent except Antarctica, and in every terrestrial habitat. Check out the live tarantula!  Spiders! will remain on display through June 2012.

At 2:00 pm, catch a screening of Superbat. This 48-minute documentary explores the world of bats and the scientists who study them – including the late Donald Griffin, a Harvard zoologist who was the first to describe their echo location ability in the 1940s. Using 3-D graphics to recreate the bats’ acoustic vision and shooting with infra-red and high-speed cameras, this film offers an exhilarating “bats-eye” journey into the night.

Attending What’s So Scary in costume is encouraged, but optional. Kids can create their own bat or owl mask to take home.

Date: 10/29/2011

Time: 1:00-5:00 pm

Cost: $7-$9

Harvard Museum of Natural History
26 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138