Celebrate SpookyWorld’s 20th anniversary with a visit to one of two New-England haunted destinations – Nightmare New England, or the Fear at Fenway Park.  Do you have younger kids?  Check out one of the kid’s matinee performances.

SpookyWorld’s Nightmare New England

SpookyWorld’s Nightmare New England, located in Litchfield, N.H, features six haunted destinations, along with bars and restaurants.  You’ll also find loads of other activities there, including go-karts, mini-golf, and a fire pit.  Text 1031 to 70259 to save $6 off admission when purchasing your tickets online.

SpookyWorld’s The Fear at Fenway Park

SpookyWorld’s The Fear at Fenway Park surprisingly doesn’t refer to the last few weeks of Red Sox baseball.  Instead, it’s a new haunted destination with three separate haunted attractions.  There are also going to be several kids’ day matinees for kids aged four and up – which are lights-on, kid-friendly versions of the evening shows.