Are you looking for a low-key family-friendly nature sanctuary in the greater Boston area?  We just visited the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick, MA, and it’s the perfect location for a family nature hike.

We started our journey at the Nature Center, which is where the only restrooms are located.  With map in hand, and some guidance (blue dots on trees indicate that you are walking away from the nature center, while yellow dots indicate that you are walking toward the nature center).

We wanted to take about an hour and a half walk, so we walked about 40 minutes then turned around.  I let my kids choose the path, and they just loved following the blue dots.  We walked over several wooden bridges, saw some frogs, and even saw two deer right on the path in front of us.  It was a great walk, and we all loved seeing the sights.

If you visit, I’d recommend wearing some shoes appropriate for hiking/walking – while the trails are well-cleared, there are still lots of roots and rocks to walk over.  We all wore sneakers, which worked well.  Facilities are limited, so bring your own snacks and make sure you hit the restroom at the Nature Center before heading out.

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary
280 Eliot Street
Natick, MA 01760