Boston-area kids’ performer Stacey Peasley has just released her debut album, Together.  Nickelodeon ParentsConnect 2010 parent’s pick award winner for best party entertainer, Stacey has a knack for speaking directly to kids with her catchy tunes and fun lyrics.

While I like the song “Trouble” the best (it describes my little guy a little too well), he prefers the tune “Soapy Bubbles”.  The whole CD is filled with songs that are entertaining for moms and kids alike – there’s nothing too sugary on this CD!  It’s currently on an endless loop in my car – both of my kids are always requesting that I play it.

To learn more, visit Stacey’s new website.  In addition, check out our event calendar to find Stacey’s appearances throughout the summer.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Stacey Peasley’s CD for review.