Boston and the surrounding area is home to some beautiful botanical gardens that serve the basis for research and offer beautiful exhibits and grounds for the public. Many children love taking a walk through beautiful gardens and seeing flowers.

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, located in Jamaica Plain, is the oldest running arboretum in North America. The grounds are open 365 days per year from sunrise to sunset, while the visitor’s center maintains shorter hours.

In Framingham, MA, west of Boston, the New England Wild Flower Society operates the Garden in the Woods, the largest selection of wildflowers in the Northeast. The Garden in the Woods is a public botanical garden that’s open from April 15th through October 31st every year. Daily guided tours are included with the admission fee.

Wellesley College’s Botanical Gardens is also located west of Boston, by the college campus. The outdoor gardens are open every day from dawn to dusk, while the greenhouses open from 8am to 4pm, every day of the year.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Anon E. Moose.