Boston kids will have an opportunity to go “green” this Halloween and sample Stretch Island Fruit Co. at Franklin Park Zoo on October 30th and 31st!

According to results from an FDA Health and Diet Survey released this past March, over half of U.S. consumers read nutritional food labels when buying a product yet most Halloween treats are still chock full of sugar and fat.

With moms seeking more nourishing snacks, offering wholesome Halloween treats is quickly becoming an increasing trend within this $4.75 billion dollar industry – much of which typically goes toward the purchase of sugary, artificial confections.

This year, Stretch Island Fruit Co. encourages parents to jump aboard the Green Halloween initiative to “think outside the candy box” and provide trick-or-treaters with healthier, more earth-friendly snacks including Stretch Island Fruit Strips and FruitaBü® All-Natural Smoooshed® Fruit Rolls.

Free of artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, additives and synthetic preservatives, each Stretch Island Fruit Strip equals one-half serving of real fruit and is available in fun, naturally colorful flavors ranging from Summer Strawberry, to Harvest Grape and even Mango Sunrise. FruitaBü rolls are equally free of anything artificial, and offers one whole serving of fruit in its Strawberry, Grape and Apple varieties.