In the Kids' Play Area at Belkin Farm

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Belkin Family Lookout Farm in South Natick, MA with my two children.  While I’ve lived in Natick for over ten years, I haven’t actually been to the farm since the Belkins purchased it a while ago.

Admission is $8 during the week, but does go up on the weekends.  However, there is more offered on the weekends – including face painting and family-friendly entertainment.

My kids loved the kids’ play area, which includes a burlap maze, hay bales, small zoo, wobbly caterpillar ride (the big hit of the day!), bouncy house, and other kids’ stuff.  Covered picnic tables are available if you want to make a day of it.

A train ride takes you from the main building to the play area, and to each of the U-Pick areas.  When we were done at the play area (okay, when I was done – I had to drag my kids away), we took the train to pick Honey Crisp apples.  Currently, they are $2.50 per pound.

I know that admission may seem steep, and there are some options for season passes.  For $99, a family of four can get free admission for the season, and for $199, you’ll get free admission for four, plus 20% all of your farm purchases.

Belkin Family Lookout Farm
89 Pleasant Street South
South Natick, MA 01760